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What do I need to know about spinal cord injuries?

Suffering from a spinal cord injury is likely going to bring up a lot of questions. For someone who was recently injured, some of these questions might center around some of the specifics of this type of injury.

Having a basic understanding about how the spinal cord functions and how certain types of injuries might impact you can often help to answer some of these. Here are some quick answers to questions you might have:

Holiday shipments lead to more semitrucks on the roads

As we move into the holiday season, there are likely going to be more semitrucks on the highway. These trucks serve an important purpose, but they can also be a hazard to other drivers on the road. These large trucks have blind spots that drivers might not be able to avoid. They also carry heavy cargo that can make the truck shift if it isn't secured properly.

The last thing that anyone wants during this holiday season is to have to suffer the effects of a semitruck crashing into them. The impacts of a semitruck crash are often horrific. Victims can suffer broken bones, internal bleeding and deep lacerations. Even more difficult to deal with are the catastrophic injuries, such as spinal cord and brain injuries.

A Canton teen is arrested for vehicular homicide

The teenage driver of a Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck was arrested and charged with second-degree vehicular homicide on Oct 27. The 18-year-old young man reported to an adult jail in Cherokee County that morning after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Earlier in the month, authorities with the county's police department wrapped up an investigation into a fatal June 19 crash. They determined that the teen had been driving recklessly, speeding and consumed drugs immediately prior to the early afternoon crash. The young man's 16-year-old passenger was killed in the incident.

Drivers must be cautious during the fall weather

Fall is a wonderful time to take road trips and enjoy the beautiful colors that come with the changing seasons. If you are planning on driving at all during the fall months, make sure that you are prepared for the unique hazards that come in this season.

Wildlife is one specific threat that you face. You are 3.5 times more likely to hit wildlife in November. One of the primary species you might encounter is deer. Around one driver out of every 100 will hit a deer during the course of that driver's life.

Smartphone use causing an epidemic of distracted driving?

Even before the advent of cellphones, distracted driving was an issue. Irresponsible drivers regularly ate, drank, read books or maps, engaged in boisterous conversations, switched music selections or applied makeup while behind the wheel.

Nowadays, there are still all these "old school" distractions to contend with, as well as a whole new generation of shiny new electronic objects that compete for our attention. In particular, the now-ubiquitous smartphones, with their texting, talking, web surfing, email, social media access and apps, are proving to literally be hazardous to our health if used while driving.

Civil claims don't hinge on criminal case outcomes

Any wrongful death claim is filled with pain. You didn't plan on losing your loved one in a tragedy. Now that it has happened, you have to think about what you are going to do. One of the natural reactions to a tragic death is to want to seek vengeance.

We don't live in a country where you can apply the "eye for an eye" principle. Instead, you have to rely on the justice system to hold the person accountable for your family member's death. This is done through the wrongful death claim that names the person who caused the accident as a defendant. Other parties might also be named along with that person.

Wrongful death cases are a bit different for children and elderly

The unexpected death of a loved one can bring on a lot of feelings. When a child or someone elderly is the victim, those feelings might be magnified. In some cases, the death is the result of someone's negligence. This might lead to a wrongful death claim being made.

Wrongful death claims for children and the elderly are a little different than a claim for a person who is currently employed. This is because a child or an elderly person isn't likely going to have an easy-to-determine future financial contribution to consider.

Think about your finances after a spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injuries can impact your ability to care for yourself. They can also affect other areas of your life, including your finances. For some people, having to come up with a financial plan can be challenging.

One of the most important things that you have to do is to get your finances organized. This includes gathering information about where you can draw money and benefits from. Certain insurance policies through your employer might help in some situations, such as disability coverage.

Death from bowel obstruction leads to $6 million jury award

A jury in Georgia recently cleared an emergency room doctor from a case stemming from a woman's fatal heart attack because of a bowel obstruction. While this might seem disheartening, there is more to the story. The jury only needed less than three hours to find that the other doctor named in the case was liable for the woman's untimely death.

The woman who died was taking painkillers after a 2014 knee surgery. This led the 72-year-old woman to suffer from a bowel obstruction. She visited an emergency room where she saw the doctor who was cleared in the case. Imaging at that time didn't show any obstruction.

Using proper safety around semitrucks is necessary

Semitrucks are large vehicles that are difficult to maneuver. All drivers who are driving these trucks must ensure that they are driving in a safe manner because failing to do so can lead to some very serious accidents.

One thing that everyone needs to remember is that these big rigs can't stop on a dime. This is why vehicles shouldn't cut off or try to dart in front of these semitrucks. A trucker might be placed in a position where he or she has to determine if rear-ending a vehicle or swerving with the possibility of slamming into other vehicles is the better option.

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