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Medical Malpractice Archives

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Medical malpractice takes place as a result of negligence, errors or intentional misconduct. It can range in nature from making a surgical error to failing to follow up with a patient with their test results. It can include harassment and ethical concerns as well as intentional injuries to the patients.

Why are strokes so often misdiagnosed?

There are few things more frightening than the prospect of having a stroke. They can seemingly come out of nowhere. Even relatively young, healthy people can suffer strokes, as we've seen with the recent death of actor Luke Perry. As in his case, too often, they're fatal. Even when they aren't, they can be seriously debilitating.

Doctors can minimize the chance of dangerous prescription errors

Medication errors are among the most common reasons for malpractice suits. Antibiotics and painkillers are the two types of medications most often involved in these errors. Many of these errors are preventable if the appropriate precautions are taken.

Why are people sometimes mistakenly diagnosed with cancer?

If given the choice between having your doctor erroneously tell you that you don't have cancer when you do and being given a cancer diagnosis in error, most people would choose the latter. Certainly, it's dangerous for cancer to go undiagnosed and untreated -- perhaps until it's too late. However, being told you have cancer and undergoing unnecessary treatment can be emotionally, physically and financially harmful as well.

Do Georgians know all they should about their doctors?

An investigation by several media outlets, including USA TODAY, uncovered some troubling facts about if and how doctors are disciplined by state medical boards for errors that harm patients as well as improper behavior, including the overprescribing addictive drugs and sexual assault of patients. It also shows that how much people are able to learn about doctors depends on which state they live in.

Should medical device sales reps be in the operating room?

If you or a loved one is preparing to undergo surgery, you might assume that the only people in the operating room will be medical professionals. However, if you're having hip or knee replacement surgery or a cardiac procedure that involves implementation of a medical device like a pacemaker or stent, a sales representative from the company that made that device might be there as well.

Lawsuit: Singer's suicide was caused by overprescription of drugs

The widow of the lead vocalist of the group Soundgarden has filed a lawsuit against her husband's doctor for prescribing the drugs that she says led to his suicide last year. Singer/songwriter Chris Cornell took his life in May 2017.

The link between physician burnout and medical errors

Many people suffer job burnout at some point in their careers. However, according to a study published this year in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, over half of the doctors in this country report suffering burnout. The symptoms of burnout can include excessive fatigue, depression and even thoughts of suicide.

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