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Fatigued doctors can make deadly errors

| Dec 22, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

There are many different things that can impact the medical care you receive. Think about how you behave when you are tired. You might not make the best decisions and move like a snail instead of at a normal speed. While this isn’t likely going to be a life-changing event for you, it can be deadly for a doctor.

A doctor who has worked too long of a shift — something that is quite normal for many in the profession — can make deadly errors. Being fatigued is something that can cause muddled thought processes and a lack of clarity. They might not realize how some of their decisions might impact their patients’ care.

We realize that you might not want to know whether the doctor overseeing your care has been up for 24 hours or longer. Unfortunately, this is something that happens all too often in the medical field. It isn’t the hospitals who suffer when this happens — it is the patients.

If you are harmed by a doctor who hasn’t slept in far too long, you might decide to seek compensation for the injuries and damages that you suffered. A medical malpractice lawsuit is one way that you can accomplish this goal.

Even if you didn’t suffer a catastrophic injury, there is no reason for you to have to deal with the monetary impacts that the doctor’s actions caused. Instead, you can attempt to settle your case prior to it going to trial. The doctor and his or her insurance company, as well as other potential defendants, may agree to cover your bills. We can help you from the start of the case through the end.