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Advocating For Nursing Negligence Compensation

In a hospital or long-term care setting, nurses are on the front line of medical care, interacting with and caring for the patient for perhaps more time than a patient’s doctor. Although most nurses go above and beyond in their care for patients, there are many cases where the acceptable standard of care has been violated.

Pursuing Compensation

The legal team at Howell Law Firm, PC, pursues compensation for victims of nursing negligence in south Georgia. Common causes of negligent care by nurses include:

  • Medication errors of improper dosage or drug type
  • Misread lab results
  • Not recognizing or reporting symptoms
  • Inadequate or incorrect care for a condition
  • Patient injuries

Our reputation for securing positive results comes from years of experience and dedication to help our clients. Attorney Robb Howell skillfully litigates complex cases for clients all over south Georgia, making it possible for them and their families cope with the extra expense and suffering of an injured loved one.

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