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Help For Elders Who Suffered From Nursing Home Abuse

When our loved ones live in a nursing home, we are putting their health and safety into the hands of the caretakers at that home. When the caretakers fail to keep a resident safe, the consequences can be catastrophic. If your loved one suffered harm in a nursing home, you deserve help from a seasoned law firm to hold the liable party accountable.

At Howell Law Firm, PC, we have more than 25 years of experience helping injured elders recover from the harm they experienced in their nursing homes. We know how to identify all forms of nursing home abuse, both physical and otherwise, and how to seek justice for that harm.

Common Forms Of Nursing Home Abuse

There are many forms of harm to keep a watch out for while your loved one is in a nursing home. This abuse can take place in various forms, such as:

  • Physical abuse – Caretakers who exert power over a resident can hit, shove or otherwise physically punish a resident.
  • Emotional abuse – When employees at a nursing home spend significant amounts of time with residents, there is a lot of opportunity for emotional abuse to take place.
  • Financial abuse – Residents who are not in a mentally stable position may be coaxed or forced into giving financial information or revealing valuables to caretakers, resulting in the theft of assets and income.
  • Neglect – Whether the staff at a nursing home is overworked, understaffed or disinterested, failing to care for a resident can lead to permanent injuries or even death for a resident.

No matter how your loved one was harmed due to nursing home abuse, they deserve fair and full compensation for their injuries and recovery costs, like medical bills, therapies and treatments, and pain and suffering. We are prepared to help you earn the outcome you and your loved one deserve after your encounter with nursing home abuse.

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