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Recovering From A Misdiagnosis Error

There are a lot of variables that go into an accurate diagnosis. While there are times when a misdiagnosis can happen, despite medical professionals doing their job properly, there are also times were a misdiagnosis and the resulting consequences could have been avoided. When these incidents occur, you deserve help from an experienced and dedicated Georgia attorney.

At Howell Law Firm, PC, we have more than 25 years of experience helping injured clients receive the full and fair compensation they deserve from their injuries. When medical professionals violate their duty of care for you, and you suffer unnecessary harm as a result, we want to be the ones who help hold them accountable.

The Causes Of These Injuries

There are a lot of people involved with the diagnosis of a patient, and any one of them could be the contributing cause of your misdiagnosis. Over the decades, we have been representing clients who suffered from misdiagnoses such as:

  • Lack of education or training
  • Lack of competency
  • Failing to communicate with a patient
  • Faulty testing equipment
  • Poorly maintained equipment
  • Failing to read test results accurately

The more time it takes to reach an accurate diagnosis, the more time an illness has to worsen. A malpractice injury can escalate from treatable to permanent, cancer can elevate to higher stages, and illnesses can become fatal.

Whatever the damages you suffered from your misdiagnosis, we want to help you receive compensation that covers the cost of your injuries, and the long-term consequences of them. We have secured multimillion-dollar verdicts, including some of the largest recoveries in Southwest Georgia, and we are prepared to offer the same service to you.

Let Us Seek Justice For You

When a hospital knows they are liable for your injuries, they may try to convince you not to file a claim against you by offering you a small settlement or asking you to sign a waiver. Do not make any decisions about your situation without consulting with our team first. Call our offices throughout Georgia at 229-808-8105 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.