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Who can injured passengers hold liable after a crash?

When you're a passenger in someone else's vehicle, you're not just at the mercy of all of the drivers on the road around you but of your own driver -- whether they're a family member, friend, work colleague who's driving the carpool or someone working for Uber or Lyft.

What if you're involved in a crash and you suffer serious injuries? If you need to file a lawsuit to seek the compensation you require to cover medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages and other financial losses, whom do you file the suit against?

When a dangerous product causes harm, who is to blame?

When you go to a store and buy something for yourself, your family or your home, it is with the assumption that it will be safe to use and not cause you undue harm. Unfortunately, consumer products are not always safe, and they can cause significant harm to innocent people. If you suffered the physical, emotional and financial repercussions from a dangerous consumer product, you have options.

Georgia consumers have the right to an assumption of safety when they buy something. Companies, manufacturers and other parties have the obligation to prevent people from suffering undue harm. As a victim, you may be able to hold the right parties accountable for what you experienced through a products liability claim.

In survey, doctors and nurses admit to lying to patients

It might be hard to believe, but some medical professionals say that there are some circumstances in which it's acceptable to lie to a patient. Perhaps more unbelievable is the fact that some admit to having done it.

In a recent survey by the website Medscape, doctors and nurses (including advanced practice registered nurses or APRNs) responded to questions about veracity in three categories:

  • Medical errors
  • Patients' prognoses
  • To get reimbursement or treatment for a patient

What kinds of things contribute to truck driver fatigue?

Despite regulatory changes aimed at minimizing the number of truck accidents caused by drivers dozing off at the wheel, driver fatigue still contributes to about 40 percent of these crashes. Trucking companies need to do their part to limit the number of hours their drivers are on the road. However, drivers also need to recognize the signs of fatigue and get off the road.

It's essential to understand the causes of driver fatigue. Some are fairly obvious, but some aren't.

Doctors can minimize the chance of dangerous prescription errors

Medication errors are among the most common reasons for malpractice suits. Antibiotics and painkillers are the two types of medications most often involved in these errors. Many of these errors are preventable if the appropriate precautions are taken.

One medical malpractice attorney recommends that doctors follow some basic protocols when prescribing medications to patients to minimize the chances of a malpractice suit.

Interstate 20 truck crash kills University of Georgia student

The driver of a tractor-trailer was arrested following an Atlanta-area crash earlier this month that killed a 20-year-old Carrollton man. The crash occurred on the evening of Jan. 17 on Interstate 20 not far from Fulton Industrial Blvd.

According to the Georgia State Patrol (GSP), the 53-year-old tractor-trailer driver was traveling eastbound when his truck overturned and struck a concrete barrier separating the westbound and eastbound lanes of the interstate. Debris from that barrier struck two other vehicles.

Did doctor neglect result in a catastrophic injury during birth?

The approximately nine months of pregnancy often come with joy, excitement and some of the biggest challenges of your life. If you have already given birth to other children, you may at least somewhat prepare for what lies ahead. However, you also realize that every pregnancy and childbirth experience is unique and one set of circumstances may be easy and free from serious problems while another includes one or more urgent situations.

A central figure in your pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum journey is your doctor and the rest of your medical team. You have to do your part -- eating right, getting adequate rest and attending prenatal care visits, while your doctor, nurses and other medical workers do their part to keep you and your baby as safe and healthy as possible. If your doctor fails to recognize or acknowledge an emergency, you or your child may suffer catastrophic injuries.

Not all distracted driving involves technology

When most people talk about distracted driving, they're referring to people using their phones to call or text someone while behind the wheel. Last year, Gov. Nathan Deal signed a law that prohibits drivers in Georgia from using electronic devices behind the wheel.

However, the law doesn't prohibit the use of hands-free technology, which is common in newer vehicles. Further, it doesn't address many other causes of distracted driving, which have nothing to do with talking on the phone, texting, taking photos or videos or checking social media.

Why are people sometimes mistakenly diagnosed with cancer?

If given the choice between having your doctor erroneously tell you that you don't have cancer when you do and being given a cancer diagnosis in error, most people would choose the latter. Certainly, it's dangerous for cancer to go undiagnosed and untreated -- perhaps until it's too late. However, being told you have cancer and undergoing unnecessary treatment can be emotionally, physically and financially harmful as well.

Patients mistakenly diagnosed with cancer may undergo unnecessary surgery as well as radiation, chemotherapy treatments and other debilitating and invasive treatments. For example, one woman who was erroneously diagnosed with breast cancer chose to have a double mastectomy.

Can you sue for wrongful death if the victim didn't have a job?

If a person or entity is responsible for someone's death, they may face criminal charges, depending on the circumstances. A drunk driver who kills someone in a crash, for example, can end up behind bars for years.

However, whether someone's actions or negligence rise to the level of a crime, surviving loved ones may be able to sue for wrongful death. That case would hinge on whether the person or entity owed some type of duty that was breached.

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