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Are you bicycling on the correct part of the road?

Those who bicycle recreationally often try to use a bicycle trail or bicycle lane, where there is space dedicated for bicycling. However, if you are interested in branching out from your usual routine or you are considering using your bicycle for commuting, it may be important to familiarize yourself with Georgia's bicycle laws. If you plan to share the road with motorized traffic, it is important to confidently know where you are allowed to bicycle and where you are not.

Because bicycles are considered vehicles, you are expected to ride on the road instead of sidewalks. You should bicycle in the same lane you would use if you were driving a car, and, typically, you should stay as far to the right as you can while still being safe. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

These 3 tips could help you escape a wrongful death

A wrongful death is a shock; One minute, a person might be fine, healthy and living well, and the next, they've passed away as a result of an unexpected injury. Wrongful deaths are often caused by car accidents. The force involved in a car accident is enough to maim and cause death in some instances.

People are at serious risk of death if they're struck at high speeds, when they're hit on motorcycles or when they're hit as pedestrians. While there is no way to predict that a serious collision may occur, there are some things you can do to improve your odds of escaping death. Here are a few things to consider.

You can make a claim after a spinal injury

Spinal cord injuries are life-changing, even if they don't result in permanent paralysis. When you think of spinal injuries, you might assume that a person has lost the ability to walk or use their arms. What you don't often consider is how the internal organs and other body parts can be impacted by spinal cord dysfunction.

When the spinal cord is not completely severed, the injury is called an incomplete injury. An incomplete injury may seem much like a complete injury, leading to almost all loss of sensation and strength, or it can produce only minor side effects, like unusual pain or tingling in the limbs.

Reach out if you've been a victim of malpractice

Medical malpractice takes place as a result of negligence, errors or intentional misconduct. It can range in nature from making a surgical error to failing to follow up with a patient with their test results. It can include harassment and ethical concerns as well as intentional injuries to the patients.

Medical malpractice is serious because the medical provider has done something that put a patient's life at risk. In some cases, the patient does not survive, and their loved ones are left to deal with the consequences.

What do I do if my medication is recalled?

People have a reasonable expectation that the medications they take are safe and will help them. Though that is the aim, unfortunately, mistakes do happen, and a drug that was meant to heal a patient can actually end up causing harm. The effects of such an error can often be devastating to the patient and his or her family.

If you take any kind of medication, you might wonder how a recall could affect you. Experts say that there are several steps you can take and you should gain information that might help reassure you if there is a recall for one of your medications.

Secondary injuries can lead to further damage to the spinal cord

Spinal cord injuries are life changing. They can take a strong, agile athlete and leave them wheelchair-bound in seconds. They can take any healthy victim and for them to rely on the help of others just to get dressed in the morning.

Depending on the severity of the injury, some people do retain some feeling and movement in the limbs below the damaged point on the spinal cord. However, there's more to worry about than just sensation and movement.

1 killed in pedestrian crash with truck: Looking for change

Truck accidents can significantly impact people and their communities. One such community in Georgia is the Columbus State University community, which saw one of its own killed in a pedestrian crash with a dump truck.

Near schools and universities, it's common knowledge that people are going to be on or near the roads. Drivers should know to be cautious to prevent injuries and accidents. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen.

You deserve fair compensation for a catastrophic injury

A catastrophic injury can be anything from traumatic brain injuries that leave you unable to speak or remember well to spinal injuries that leave you paralyzed. These injuries are traumatic both physically and psychologically, which is why getting proper medical care is so important.

Car accidents are among the most common causes of catastrophic injuries today. People can go out in the morning on the way to work and be left in the hospital just moments later with life-altering wounds. There's no way to predict when they'll happen, and life after them is changed, to say the least.

Work zones and trucks: Everyone has to be wary

When you're driving around large vehicles, like semitrucks and commercial vehicles, you must do all you can to remain safe. While the drivers of these vehicles are often to blame for accidents, other people driving around them may make errors that put your life in danger, too.

Take, for example, an April accident that was caused by a car driver. The driver rear-ended a dump truck that was leaving the construction zone on Interstate 285/Ga. 400 interchange. The car ended up spinning out of control, eventually getting hit by another vehicle. Of course, the driver of the car was cited for traveling too close to the dump truck, since they rear-ended the vehicle and caused another collision.

Understand the importance of informed consent

When you speak with your medical provider about a procedure you're considering, you expect them to be honest. You want them to be knowledgeable and to tell you all the possible side effects and risks involved.

If you go into a surgery without understanding the risks or begin a treatment not understanding the potential side effects, you could be left blindsided by injuries.

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