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Opposing Radiologist Errors

Radiology errors, either due to the poor imaging technique of a technician or a negligent mistake of the physician reading the image, can damage or further compromise the health of a patient. When that patient is you or someone you love, you need confidence that you have the necessary resources to live comfortably even after the tragedy of a medical error. Howell Law Firm, PC is here to help.

This type of medical error stems from an improperly taken or interpreted image from:

  • X-rays
  • Ultrasounds
  • MRIs
  • CT scans

Imaging mistakes may happen at various points in the diagnosis and treatment process. When building a personal injury case, our firm thoroughly investigates the circumstances around the injury, the actions of the medical providers and the outcome. Then, we develop a robust strategy to defend your right to compensation.

How Mistakes Can Happen

Technicians may be poorly trained, inattentive or lack the proper environment to do their jobs. Diagnostic errors originating from a misread radiology image can lead to a treatment delay or an incorrect treatment that is harmful or fatal to a patient. In another type of radiology mistake, a physician may order inadequate or erroneous images that do not correctly address the patient’s medical issue.

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