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Effective Help For Those Injured By Medication Errors

Proper prescription and use of drugs has always been a cornerstone of effective medical care. That situation has only increased in recent decades as the pharmaceutical companies develop more and more drugs to treat a host of illnesses and medical conditions.

For medication to work properly, it must be handled properly. This means understanding what the drug does and does not do along with a whole host of other factors. Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals make mistakes with drugs that cause serious, even possibly fatal harm.

Medication errors can include:

  • Overdose
  • Failure to look for adverse drug interactions
  • Failure to monitor for harmful side effects
  • Prescribing or dispensing the wrong drug
  • Leaving people on a drug for too long

Here in Southern Georgia, we have a number of cases of MRSA. Doctors have prescribed gentamicin, a strong antibiotic to help fight MRSA infections. There have been instances of doctors prescribing this drug for weeks at a time when it should be used for no more than a few days. This is just one example of how even skilled professionals can make mistakes regarding medication.

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At the Howell Law Firm, PC, we are committed to helping those who have been injured by a medication error. Attorney Robb Howell offers representation that understands the local courts and how to present the most effective medical malpractice cases in them. Our area is a conservative one where few juries are willing to return a verdict for the plaintiff. He has secured a million-dollar verdict in Lowndes County previously, and he can use that experience to help you fight for the full compensation you deserve.

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