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Knowing The Signs Of Medical Malpractice

Not every injury that happens in a hospital or doctor’s office qualifies as malpractice, but that does not mean that your injury is the same. A medical malpractice claim can provide you with what you need to move forward after suffering avoidable harm, and the first step is identifying if you qualify for a malpractice claim.

At Howell Law Firm, PC, we have more than 25 years of experience in medical malpractice claims, and have recovered multimillion-dollar settlements for our clients. Our skill and experience can be the winning edge in your claim, and we want to start your claim by helping you understand if you have a lawsuit on your hands.

What Qualifies As Malpractice?

Every malpractice claim is unique, but there are four common elements that need to be present for there to be grounds for a claim, which are:

  • A professional duty of care that was owed to you
  • A breach of that duty
  • The harm that breach caused
  • The damages from that harm

When these four elements are present, you will likely be able to file a claim against the liable party for your injuries, no matter what caused the harm.

Common Forms Of Malpractice

While you may know what qualifies as medical malpractice, you also need to know where malpractice can take place. Some typical forms of malpractice that patients experience include:

When these or other mistakes happen, the hospital or doctor’s office may try and have you sign a waiver or accept a quick settlement. Instead of making a decision on your own, consult with our team to learn about your options.

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