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Georgia increases its focus on improving pedestrian safety

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | Car Accidents

Even with the automakers’ technological advancements to make the roads safer, it seems that Georgia pedestrians, bicyclists and others who are not protected by a vehicle are at an increased risk of being injured or losing their lives in an auto accident. This has stoked concern with increased attention being paid to the problem.

October was devoted to pedestrian safety with Pedestrian Safety Month. Despite the outreach and strategies it entails, pedestrians are in persistent danger. If an accident cannot be avoided, it is imperative to know what steps can be taken after it has occurred.

Georgia’s pedestrian safety statistics are worrisome

Safety advocates lament Georgia’s pedestrian safety record with it trending in the wrong direction. According to Propel ATL, the statistics show that pedestrians and bicyclists have a much higher rate of fatalities and being badly injured than others on the road.

Although only 2% of accidents involve these individuals, they comprise 12% of all fatalities and severe injuries in the state. For the past 12 years, the number of pedestrians and bicyclists who were killed in a crash rose by nearly two-thirds. More than 8,400 were killed in 2022.

Speed is believed to be a major factor in these accidents. Also, distracted driving seems to be getting worse even though the state has implemented laws to try and reduce its frequency. The month being dedicated to drawing attention to this problem is a positive, but many drivers will continue to behave recklessly and ignore the potential for accidents resulting in injuries and death.

Auto accidents lead to long-term challenges

When there is any kind of auto accident, those who suffered catastrophic injuries and families who have been left behind after a fatality need to think about the future. That includes the emotional impact, personal loss, financial contributions and medical expenses.

The ramifications are extensive and people need to understand their options. The scope of the injuries and the short and long-term impact must be assessed. Knowing what can be done to hold reckless drivers accountable and to help those who were hurt or lost a loved one is critical.