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The dangers of poor food preparation and storage

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2023 | Wrongful Death

Restaurants owe patrons a tasty meal but also a safe dining experience. Any carelessness on their part in the storage, handling or preparation of food could cause accidental poisoning. Rather than remembering a dish because of its taste, you, or someone you know, might find yourselves in the hospital or worse, because of it.

The importance of food preparation and handling

Wrongful deaths often result from devastating car accidents, slip-and-falls and drowning incidents. But it turns out that the leading cause of unintentional death and injuries is poisoning. To make matters worse, there are many possible causes of accidental poisoning, such as lead in the walls, improper medication dosage and inadequately cooked food.

The presence of raw ingredients, changing temperatures, and human contact are just some factors that make restaurant kitchens and pantries breeding grounds for bacteria. Additionally, several food ingredients can be fatal if not cooked properly.

When establishments fail to adhere to proper food handling procedures, they might accidentally poison their customers.

When accidental poisoning results in death

Food poisoning usually lasts only a few days before a person fully recovers. However, it can be deadly or require extensive medical care in extreme cases.

Some might develop diarrhea and a high fever, while others experience severe stomach pain and vomiting. Sadly, a person’s body may be unable to fight off the poison, resulting in death.

If a loved one succumbs to accidental poisoning, you may have the grounds to file a wrongful death claim. While no settlement can truly compensate for the pain and trauma you experienced, it can provide some financial relief and help hold the responsible party accountable. For a better understanding of wrongful death claims, consider speaking to an attorney.