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Doctors need to take the time to listen to patients

| Jan 17, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

Many patients feel like their doctors rush them when they are trying to speak to them. This is actually very true. On average, doctors cut patients off after only 17 seconds of speaking. This is an atrocity that must be corrected because the doctors need all the pertinent information to be able to order appropriate tests and make the proper diagnosis.

One of the reasons why doctors don’t listen to patients is that many have become accustomed to pushing through as many patients as possible in a day. The time slots that they give to each patient are usually very short. The doctors try to balance the need to listen to patients but they also can’t run so far behind schedule that they end up pushing patients away.

Even though doctors might feel they have good reasons for trying to hurry patients through their appointments, there is something troubling that can come from this. When a doctor tries to rush a patient, the doctor might miss vital information that could play an important role in a case. Many patients can’t articulate what is wrong in a matter of seconds. This can mean that patients aren’t diagnosed properly and that they might not receive the correct treatments.

Some doctors might also be distracted by electronic devices, which could be because they are entering information into your records or answering queries about other matters. Regardless, you do have to speak up if you feel like your doctor isn’t giving you the attention you deserve. Ask the doctor to listen to you and try to be concise with what you have to say.

Ultimately, your health has to be a priority when you seek medical care. If you feel your doctor isn’t paying attention or haven’t been treated properly because of it, you do have the right to take action.

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