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Truckers might drive safer thanks to updated cab designs

| Jan 3, 2018 | Truck Accidents

Truckers are in control of vehicles that weigh around 80,000 or more. These large vehicles have the capability to kill or injure people on the roads just because they are so large and heavy. It is imperative that drivers have technology available that helps them keep everyone around their trucks as safe as possible.

Semitruck manufacturers are taking big steps to make driving more comfortable, less dangerous and easier for truckers to maneuver. The prevalence of distractions is one of the factors that can directly impact safety.

Active safety systems can go a long way in helping truckers to remain safe. Many of these systems mirror the systems in passenger vehicles. Active brake assistance, for example, can help truckers to stop if there are hazards present. Of course, truckers can’t rely on these systems to do all of the work to stay safe. Instead, they must work with the systems to ensure that safety is a primary focus.

Some truck cabs also have noise dampening systems, which could help to reduce the fatigue that truckers face because of the hum of the truck on the road. This is a good feature, but there are also risks associated with it. While it is highly unlikely that the noise dampening feature would drown out a car horn, there is a chance that it could drown out other important sounds that let truckers know what is on the road.

All of this is important to other people on the roads since everyone likely passes semitrucks each day they drive. If there is an accident, there is a chance that the driver and the manufacturer might share the liability for what happened. In some cases, even the trucking company might also have a part in that liability. This could impact claims for compensation from people who are injured in these crashes.

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