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Workplace fatality risks have changed some in recent years

| Feb 28, 2018 | Wrongful Death

Workers in this country have a lot to worry about when they head in to their job. There are many different aspects of working that are dangerous, and these vary from one industry to the next. It is imperative that workers think about their risks in order to try to avoid being injured.

While there isn’t any ways that you can prevent every accident, knowing some of the more common ones might be beneficial. Interestingly, the tide has turned in the workplace environment so some of the risks are changing with it.

Workplace violence entered into the top four fatal incidents in the workplace in 2016, according to a report that came out recently. This is a new entry into the top four fatal incidents, but it does show that employers must take threats seriously to avoid potential issues.

Opioid deaths in the workplace are also on the rise. This is one of the reasons why employers might insist on having drug testing done, but it also shows how much the crisis surrounding these drugs is increasing on a regular basis.

Falls are another fatal risk in the workplace. This has been at the top of the list for a long time, so this isn’t something new for employers to contend with. These deaths can be prevented by using equipment that is in good repair and ensuring that workers are trained on proper safety precautions and protocol.

Fatal workplace accidents are serious because a person who was just trying to support themselves doesn’t get to come home. The loved ones left behind might decide to take action to recover monetary damages they suffered due to the death.

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