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What training do operators need to drive combination semitrucks?

| Jul 12, 2018 | Truck Accidents

It is no longer uncommon to encounter semis carrying two or even three trailers on Georgia roads. Because truck accidents occur far too often, residents often fear semis carrying only one trailer. When they see a truck with two or more trailers attached, that fear skyrockets to the point where it can affect how a motorist drives near these enormous trucks.

Knowing the training that truckers undergo may help ordinary drivers feel more secure when they encounter vehicles with a combination of different trailers. You should know that the following truck driver training information might not apply to all large and heavy operators. As you might expect, an untrained operator pulling two or more trailers runs the risk of seriously injuring victims if a truck accident does occur.

Following are several examples of the trucker training that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires for combination tractor-trailers.

  • FMCSA-approved behind the wheel training to develop the skill necessary to handle combination vehicles safely
  • Training designed to teach operators about the best driving practices to enhance safety
  • Training in the basic operation of large combination trucks
  • Training in the advanced operation of trucks carrying two or more trailers

After undergoing the required training, operators must also pass a strict round of testing before they are approved to drive larger combination trucks. However, a grandfather clause exists that exempt some truckers from the obligation to undergo training. This means that you may be sharing the road with a combination truck operated by an untrained driver.

If a truck accident involving two or more trailers causes you or a loved one to suffer catastrophic injuries, the lack of operator training may improve your odds of acquiring the compensation you deserve. A personal injury attorney can help determine if you have grounds to pursue a legal remedy.