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When defective products lead to wrongful death

| Aug 25, 2018 | Wrongful Death

At one time in our nation’s history, most people would not even consider taking on a business or manufacturer after a product contributed to someone’s wrongful death. Today, improvements in America’s justice system have made it possible for victims to seek and acquire a satisfactory remedy for the wrongful death of a loved one regardless of who is ultimately responsible.

Even with the improved legal remedies available now, victims not familiar with the justice system have a poor understanding of how they can find the most beneficial solution. When victims lose a loved one wrongfully, most of them look for a single person to hold responsible. We want all of our neighbors in Moultrie and other Georgia communities to know that more than one person may have led to a loved one’s wrongful death.

Often, product manufacturers play a role in the death of a victim. Take car accident fatalities, for example. If it is found that a faulty auto part contributed to the accident, the deceased’s family may be able to hold the manufacturer responsible instead of or in addition to the driver of the other motor vehicle.

In another example, if someone you love dies during a surgical procedure, the doctor may not actually be at fault. Perhaps the death occurred because of a defective or poorly designed medical device. Examples of defective medical devices that could cause wrongful death include faulty defibrillators and cardiac pumps.

We urge victims to expand their point of view in their efforts to uncover all possible reasons for the premature death of someone they love. This not only maximizes the options available under the law, it increases the public’s awareness about life-threatening product hazards. We invite you to look for more information by browsing the legal topics available on our website.