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When a dangerous product causes harm, who is to blame?

| Feb 14, 2019 | Firm News

When you go to a store and buy something for yourself, your family or your home, it is with the assumption that it will be safe to use and not cause you undue harm. Unfortunately, consumer products are not always safe, and they can cause significant harm to innocent people. If you suffered the physical, emotional and financial repercussions from a dangerous consumer product, you have options.

Georgia consumers have the right to an assumption of safety when they buy something. Companies, manufacturers and other parties have the obligation to prevent people from suffering undue harm. As a victim, you may be able to hold the right parties accountable for what you experienced through a products liability claim.

Find out who is to blame

When a consumer product causes harm, it is not always immediately apparent who is to blame. Is the manufacturer to blame? Is it the fault of the store where you bought the product? You may feel overwhelmed about what to do next and how to secure the help you need to get better and move forward.

There are various parties who may be liable for what you experienced due to a dangerous consumer product. The first step in a successful claim is properly identifying all parties who share the blame for your pain and suffering. Some of the potential liable parties include:

  • The company that made the component parts that make up the product
  • The company that manufactured or assembled the product
  • The store where you purchased the product
  • The party that installed the product
  • The wholesaler of the product or the component parts of the product

A complete and thorough evaluation of your case will help you understand which parties you should name in your products liability claim. In some cases, it is appropriate to seek compensation from multiple parties.

Protecting your future

You may find it beneficial to start with a complete assessment of your case from an experienced products liability attorney. This will help you understand your legal options and provide you with an explanation of how you move forward with the most appropriate course of action.

It is not easy to walk through the aftermath of an incident involving a dangerous consumer product, but you do not have to walk through it alone. With help, you may be able to secure what you need to recover, pay your medical bills and move on from this unfortunate incident.