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Get the right compensation for your spinal cord injury

| Apr 11, 2019 | Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries vary significantly, so it can be difficult to say how you’ll recover once you suffer from one. What you do need to know is that those who cause injuries of a catastrophic nature can be held liable for doing so. People must take responsibility for the injuries they cause to others, even if they were unintentional.

Spinal cord injuries can be among the most expensive to deal with. They require a significant number of tests to detail how serious they are, and there may be a lifetime of care that applies to your case. For example, if you suffer a complete spinal injury, you’ll likely have no feeling below the point of the injury. You may be confined to a wheelchair or need constant nursing support to give you the help you need in your home.

Mentioning your home, it may be necessary for you to move or update your home to be handicap accessible. This can be costly as well, which is why it’s important to include it in your settlement agreement or to fight for this compensation during a trial.

The majority of people understand the physical impact that a spinal cord injury can have on a person’s life, but the psychological impact is more than that. In addition to any physical needs you have in the future, you should also seek compensation to cover your psychological care. Many people benefit from therapy following spinal injuries, so they can work through the difficult emotions connected to losing functionality in everyday life.

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