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Work zones and trucks: Everyone has to be wary

| Apr 24, 2019 | Truck Accidents

When you’re driving around large vehicles, like semitrucks and commercial vehicles, you must do all you can to remain safe. While the drivers of these vehicles are often to blame for accidents, other people driving around them may make errors that put your life in danger, too.

Take, for example, an April accident that was caused by a car driver. The driver rear-ended a dump truck that was leaving the construction zone on Interstate 285/Ga. 400 interchange. The car ended up spinning out of control, eventually getting hit by another vehicle. Of course, the driver of the car was cited for traveling too close to the dump truck, since they rear-ended the vehicle and caused another collision.

Fortunately, only the driver of the car was injured in that case, and others survived without incident. However, it’s a good reminder that both commercial and other drivers need to pay attention and give each other space. Paying attention in work zones, not getting distracted by phone calls and being aware of your surroundings can help prevent problems.

In 2018, 27,235 crashes took place in work zones, and 8,928 people were injured as a result. April 8 to 12 was National Work Zone Safety Week, so now is a good time to review what you can do to stay safer on the road. Fatal work zone crashes are increasing in Georgia, with 52 happening in 2018. By making some small changes, like being more focused in work zones, all drivers can help prevent these serious, and potentially fatal, crashes in the future.