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Tragic Collision Kills Three – 13-month-old Survives

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2020 | Wrongful Death

Traffic collisions leave too many pieces for people to pick up. Minor injuries like whiplash can become chronic pain, but it is in the instance of catastrophic injury and death that confusion can turn to terror. A recent accident in Forest Park shows how some cases can involve no living person at fault. 

According to 11Alive news in Atlanta, Forest Park Police reported an accident near the intersection of Forest Parkway at Lake Drive. A 54-year-old  was driving their Corvette eastbound before crossing the median and hitting another vehicle head-on. Occupants included a 63-year-old, a 44-year-old, and a 13-month-old baby. After the initial impact, the Corvette continued on to hit another vehicle. 

The crossing driver was flung from the vehicle and died of injuries in the hospital. Both adults in the vehicle struck were killed on the scene. Luckily, the 13-month-old was considered OK by George State Patrol and was taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Egleston Hospital in good condition. The second struck vehicle’s driver sustained minor injury. 

Police have yet to provide further details, but there is already enough to know that lives have been shattered. With three dead, the loved ones of each will have to determine fault and damages along with the emotional hurt these collisions can foster. Once fault is determined, it will fall to representation and insurance to sift through the details. Though the three adults in the head-on collision are dead, estates are still intact and damages can be recovered by those affected. In these instances of tragedy, it may be prudent to contact an attorney to help clear up any confusion.