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Savannah man killed in Liberty County truck accident

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Even though the large semi-trucks and tractor-trailers that people see traveling on Moultrie’s roads can be intimidating, most drivers feel comfortable traveling alongside them due to the assumption that their drivers are highly skilled. While that is typically true, even truck drivers can momentarily misjudge their vehicle’s size and capacities (or worse yet, believe that they are skilled enough to operate them in ways that normal logic might dictate that they not). People are entitled to lapses in judgment, yet the trouble is that when it comes to large trucks and commercial vehicles, those lapses can often produce catastrophic results. 

This fact was on full display in an accident that recently occurred near Liberty County. A Savannah man was experienced issues with his own vehicle, and pulled off the highway to investigate. He was waiting inside his car waiting for a tow truck to arrive to assist him when a passing truck driver also pulled off the road. However, in doing so, the trucker’s semi struck the man’s vehicle. Responders rushed him to a local hospital, yet he later succumbed to his injuries. 

Authorities are still investigating the accident, yet it was reported that it is believed the truck driver was pulling off the road to take a break. Whether the driver was fatigued (and if that may have played a role in the collision) was not reported. Even in cases where fatigue or some other unintentional factor contribute to a truck accident, however, those drivers responsible may still be held liable for any damages that result. Those needing to pursue claims based on that liability may first want to seek out the services of an experienced attorney.