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Exoskeletons could help people with spinal cord injuries walk

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Spinal Cord Injuries

People who suffer from spinal cord injuries have two main fears. The first is the loss of sensation in the body. Secondly, patients fear they might never walk again. Limited mobility affects every single aspect of a person’s life. 

Thankfully, scientists, doctors and programmers continue to work together to find solutions. Exoskeletons are one of the most promising options available. 

The use of wearable tech 

When most people think of wearable tech, smartwatches and ear pods might come to mind. Also in the market are wearable skeletons that provide mobility for people suffering from physical disabilities. CNBC reports that these devices are, in fact, helping many people to walk again and reclaim their lives. 

Surprisingly, this is not a new type of technology. The news agency reports that wearable robotics existed for 20 years. However, testing only really ramped up over the past half a decade or so. 

The applications 

It is important to note that current wearable tech might not benefit everyone and the cost can put the option way outside some people’s budgets. Even so, many consider it a literal step in the right direction. One study published by the National Library of Medicine took a closer look at how well the devices worked and the impact they had. 

It found that ReWalk, in specific, provided easier over-ground walking for many patients. It also identified the importance of the software in coordinating movements between humans and machines to allow for a smooth gait, which made walking easier. 

It might take doctors some time yet to figure out how to reconnect spinal nerves and recreate natural movements. However, in the interim, it might provide some peace of mind to know that wearable tech exists that might help to improve mobility.