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Who helps spinal cord injury victims?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Spinal Cord Injuries

After suffering a spinal cord injury, you may have a long road of recovery and rehabilitation ahead of you. While you have family and friends to offer assistance and support, which professionals can you rely on for help? 

The University of Iowa Health Care offers a rundown of health care professionals who help spinal cord victims. Know whom to turn to and for what as you work on rebuilding your life and protecting your legal rights. 

Physical therapist 

Any issues you have with balance, strength, sitting, standing or rolling require the help of a physical therapist in Georgia. Your therapist can introduce you to helpful exercises and show you how to use spinal cord injury equipment such as braces or a wheelchair. 

Speech therapist  

Depending on the extent of your injury, you may need a speech therapist to help you with the struggles you have with language or speech. Such therapists can also help with swallowing. 

Occupational therapist 

To help you help yourself around your home and in everyday life, consult with an occupational therapist. These health care professionals help with bathing, dressing and household activities, and they can set you up with helpful equipment. Depending on what kind of work you did before your injury, your therapist could help you in the office. 


A proper diet and nutrition are essential to helping you recover. A dietitian can help you design menus that ensure you get all necessary nutrients, vitamins and supplements. 

Social worker  

Social workers provide mental and emotional support not only to spinal cord injury patients, but they aid patients’ family and friends, too. They can also help with finding local resources, hospital discharge planning and disability benefits. 

Use all available resources to get the professional help you need and deserve. The right health care specialists can prove integral to your recovery.