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How can patients protect themselves from surgical mishaps?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

You dislike the idea of undergoing surgery, but it is the most favorable option to treat your medical or health condition. What can you do to safeguard yourself against medical malpractice in the operating room? 

Fox News offers tips to help keep you safe and healthy. Take a proactive approach to advocating for your health and receiving quality medical care. 

Offer details

When discussing symptoms, health complications, medications and supplements, give as many details as you can. You may experience aches, pains or discomfort that you do not think relate to a specific medical condition, but you never know which “unimportant” piece of information may become critical for avoiding a mistake. 

Ask questions

If you do not understand information, surgical plans or treatment options related to your condition, ask questions. Get clarity on the risks and side effects of procedures, and ask about alternative procedures. 

Meet the surgeon

If your doctor and surgeon are not the same, get to know the surgeon. While you hope that your doctor and surgeon communicate with each other regarding your procedure and condition, you may have to do your part to keep the lines of communication open and ensure that everyone remains on the same page. 

Mark the surgical site

To avoid becoming a wrong-site surgery malpractice victim, ask if you can mark your surgical site. If you cannot, double-check that the medical staff marks and verifies the proper site before you go under the knife or under anesthesia. 

Learn more about the procedure

Do some independent research on the proposed surgery. Doing so may reveal another surgical option that you feel more comfortable with, one that may come with fewer chances of surgical mistakes without sacrificing results.