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Do you know how to prevent medication errors?

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

Recently, your physician diagnosed you with a health condition, one you can manage with medication. While you hope the medicine improves your health, you could become a victim of a medication error. How can you reduce your chances?

See what the FDA recommends for staying safe. Learn how to advocate for your health and avoid the effects of pharmacist or doctor negligence.

Educate yourself

When you learn which medication your doctor recommends, ask about its specific purpose. How does it address your condition? Does it only help you manage symptoms? Double-check that you can read and pronounce the name of the prescription.

Ask how to take the prescription

Clarify whether you must take your medication orally, with food, as an ear drop or as an eye drop. Find out how to properly store your prescription, such as in the refrigerator.

On a related note, store all medicine in its original container. Taking several medications at once may consume a lot of space in your home, so ask your physician or pharmacist about helpful aids that maximize space and ensure you do not mix up your prescriptions.

Check the label

Besides your new prescription, you could have several more that you take. If so, double-check your medicine’s label every time you take a dose. You do not want to accidentally take the wrong medication or dosage.

Learn about interactions

Ask your doctor or pharmacist whether you must beware of interactions while taking your new medicine. For instance, two or more drugs may negatively interact with each other, and the same applies to some combinations of drugs and food.