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Increase your confidence with a second opinion

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

You may feel disheartened after receiving a complex medical diagnosis from your health care provider in Georgia. Sorting through the information and trying to make sense of how your condition will impact your life can cause confusion and emotional distress.

Feelings of doubt regarding the accuracy of your diagnosis can also leave you fearful of treatment. This is when you may benefit from seeking a second opinion before you make a decision about your condition.

Prepare your thoughts

After your initial diagnosis, start writing down all of your questions and concerns about your condition. Make sure your health history is up-to-date. Include notes about your lifestyle and habits. According to The Mayo Clinic, some other ways to prepare to meet with another doctor include the following:

  • Articulate your purpose for getting another opinion
  • Look for doctors that are in-network with your insurance provider
  • Ask your doctor for recommendations
  • Organize prior test results, diagnoses and treatment suggestions
  • Focus on health care providers that specialize in treating your condition
  • Consider asking someone you trust to accompany you to your appointment

Increase your awareness

When you have received a life-changing diagnosis, getting a second opinion can confirm your situation. If you were previously misdiagnosed, a second opinion can protect you from unnecessary and invasive treatments.

A second opinion can also help you feel more confident about the direction to go. You can learn more about your condition. Sometimes an alternative explanation can provide more context to your original diagnosis. From here, you can weigh your options and assess which treatments will complement your lifestyle and personal preferences.