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Preventing surgery on the wrong site in Georgia

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | blog, Medical Malpractice

When scheduled to have surgery in Georgia, you likely expect that the surgeon and other operating room staff members will correctly perform the procedure. Unfortunately, however, there are times when surgery occurs on the wrong area of the body. The following are a few ways that you can assist in preventing this from happening.


Before your scheduled surgery day and even when you arrive at the hospital or outpatient center, communicate any concerns to your doctor and ensure that you and your doctor know the exact area of the body that needs treatment. A way to decrease the risk of medical malpractice is to get as much information as you can in writing so that you know all of the details about what will happen during surgery. However, if something happens and wrong-site surgery occurs, then your documents could be beneficial in receiving compensation.


Another way to aid in decreasing wrong-site surgery is to ensure that the area is marked before you go to the operating room. Most surgeons do this by placing a letter or their initials on the site, so they have a landmark to view once they are ready to begin making the first incision. In addition, some surgeons will make a mark that lets them know the area they are not to cut.


Before you go back to the operating room, consider asking the surgeon to review your name and other personal details to ensure that you’re the correct patient at the time of surgery. The operating room nurse and anesthesiologist can also check the medications you need and what they shouldn’t administer during surgery.

Even though most surgical procedures occur as planned, some mistakes can result in wrong-site surgery.