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Signs that you are suffering from internal bleeding

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2022 | Car Accidents

You never expect to be involved in a car accident in Georgia, but such incidents often occur without warning. Depending on the severity of the collision, you might have injuries. Internal bleeding is common after some accidents, and you can recognize signs that you may be affected by this injury.

How internal bleeding occurs

During a car crash, victims can suffer injuries involving internal bleeding from a variety of factors. Blunt force trauma is one of the most common causes and occurs when the person is violently jolted upon impact and their body makes contact with an object. This might be the steering wheel, vehicle door or window.

Different areas of the body can be affected by internal bleeding injuries. Traumatic brain injuries can result in internal bleeding when the head strikes an object. Meanwhile, blunt force trauma to the abdominal area can also occur and cause internal bleeding and damage to internal organs. Both of these scenarios are medical emergencies.

Signs of internal bleeding

Injuries like internal bleeding don’t always show up immediately. You might walk away from a car accident thinking you’ve escaped unscathed, but you can begin feeling the effects later. Regardless of how you feel immediately after an accident, you should still seek medical attention. If you have internal bleeding, it could result in dangerously low blood pressure, which can be deadly.

If you’re bleeding internally, you may notice pain and swelling and feel overly fatigued. Blood may be present in your urine or stool and you might even vomit blood. If the bleeding is localized to your head or brain, you might experience a severe headache, slurred speech, disorientation and difficulty concentrating. Dizziness and fainting can occur as well.

Internal bleeding often leaves you feeling unnaturally cold. You may have a pale complexion and could lose consciousness.

Medical attention can save your life if you are bleeding internally. Time is of the essence.