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Failure to disclose prescription side effects leading to injury

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

We turn to medical professionals for the necessary care to heal and recover from our illnesses or injuries. Complications due to our doctors’ negligence would probably be the last thing on our minds. Unfortunately, they happen, and many patients suffer from worsened conditions after dealing with a medical professional. One type of medical negligence is a doctor’s failure to disclose rare and serious prescription side effects.

Medication errors do not only include dosage mistakes

We usually associate prescription errors with medical professionals administering the wrong drug or dosage. But this type of medical error goes beyond that. Failing to do tasks as simple as disclosing a drug’s side effects to patients can lead to severe injuries and illnesses.

Patients are not required to research the prescription

Doctors are responsible for explaining cases, conditions, procedures, medications and other related medical circumstances to their patients. Patients, out of trust in their doctors, will follow instructions as is and will unlikely doubt their doctor’s expertise. If the doctor did not warn them about side effects, the patient may assume that there is none to worry about.

Of course, patients can research their prescriptions online and check the side effects. However, not all patients have the time and energy to do so. Moreover, people are encouraged to visit their doctors for prescriptions instead of searching online and self-medicating. Whatever their doctor writes on the prescription pad, the patients follow.

Do you have a medical malpractice claim?

If you believe that you suffered from an injury due to your medication’s rare or serious side effects that your doctor failed to warn you about, filing a medical malpractice claim may be an option for you. However, you must be ready to prove the following circumstances:

  • There is a doctor-patient relationship
  • The doctor failed to perform their duty, which in this case is to disclose the drug’s side effects
  • The doctor’s failure resulted in your injury or illness

With strong evidence and legal representation, you can fight for your rights as a medical malpractice victim and receive the compensation you deserve.